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Seminar “Latest Trends in Cyber Security (Worldwide, Asia, Japan)”

On November 15th, Eastern International University (EIU) successfully collaborated with ARIS Japan, to organize the seminar “Latest Trends in Cyber Security (Worldwide, Asia, Japan).”

Participating in the workshop, from ARIS Company were Mr. Ueda Yutaka – Director of ARIS Japan, Mr. Hiroki Saito – Hiroki Saito – Chief Technical Officer, Cyber Security Division, ARIS Japan, the speaker. From EIU, there were Dr. Nguyen Thanh Trong – Vice President, Dr. Narayan Chandra Debnath – Dean of the School of Computing and Information Technology, along with leaders from departments, faculties, centers, lecturers, specialists, and students of EIU. Particularly, the seminar also welcomed representatives from companies such as VNTT, TTi, Orient Software, Baosteel Can Making, Fossil Group, Becamex TDC, and more.

Dr. Narayan Chandra Debnath shared at the seminar

In his opening speech at the seminar, Dr. Narayan Chandra Debnath welcomed and warmly greeted the experts, esteemed professors, and students in attendance. He expressed that through the seminar, experts, lecturers, specialists, and especially students in the field would have the opportunity to experience both theoretical learning and practical applications in Cyber Security. The demand for network defense and related activities is currently substantial.

The Cyber Security Center at EIU provides unique academic knowledge and technical solutions to enhance connectivity and virtualization capabilities in the School of Computing and Information Technology. Additionally, the center assists students in accessing modern technologies and equipment, and gaining insights into the business and technical aspects of information security, emphasized Dr. Narayan Chandra Debnath.

Continuing the program, Mr. Hiroki Saito shared with experts, esteemed professors, business representatives, lecturers, and students about issues surrounding damages caused by cyberattacks in areas such as healthcare, construction, automation manufacturing, and import-export management.

Mr. Hiroki Saito shared at the program

Furthermore, the seminar also addressed some common forms of cyberattacks and measures to cope with these issues. On this occasion, the participants of the program also visited the Cyber Security Center to experience the network security solutions at EIU../.

Here are some images at the program

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