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Internship in Singapore and valuable experiences

The students of the Becamex Business School (BBS) at EIU have successfully completed their internship program in Singapore. This program was specially designed for EIU students to provide them with a unique opportunity to explore and understand the international working environment, cultural diversity, and ethnic diversity in Singapore. Through this experience, students have been able to enhance their practical knowledge, gain insights into their career paths, and accumulate knowledge, experience, and skills to apply in their future studies and work.

During the trip, the students participated in various meaningful activities. They visited a solar energy farm on the river by boat at SembCorp, explored the Marketplace model at Republic Polytechnic, which turns all student ideas into products, and learned about the importance of ethnic development in multicultural countries from the Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA). They also had the opportunity to discover the structure and culture of companies such as Addicon Logistics Management Ltd, Yamazaki Mazak Singapore Pte Ltd, and Omron Automation Center. They learned about the history, organizational structure, and corporate culture and experienced real-life manufacturing processes, automation, and the importance of automation in the supply chain. Particularly, at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Startup Center Block 71, students explored the startup ecosystem and the operational mechanisms of Block 71 for startup projects in Singapore and the surrounding region.

Participating in this program, EIU students not only learned about and benefited from the progress made by schools and businesses they visited but also showed a proactive, enthusiastic attitude, and asked many questions about the fields they were interested in. Many companies have praised the students’ dynamism, excellent language skills, and sharp thinking. After the program, the students will prepare reports on their experiences and what they have learned during their internship.

Internships and practical training are essential components of EIU students’ learning process. To ensure that learning goes beyond theory, EIU provides students with favorable conditions and opportunities to gain authentic experiences at reputable domestic and international companies, universities, and institutions. The university places a strong emphasis on expanding its network to provide students with valuable opportunities and useful experiences.

Here are some images from the program

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