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The Office of Student Affairs provides the most comprehensive and timely support for all Eastern International University students. The Office actively supports study and student life at EIU , connects all students with the campus environment and life, ensures welfare issues for students.


  1. The Office provides students with care and support in student services and life.
  2. The Office also ensures ideological education for students. It works towards a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally for students.


  1. To provide high quality services and welfare to students.
  2. To connect students with EIU
  3. To help students obtain sustainable development in physical and mental health.
  4. To focus on providing active and comprehensive care for students in all aspects (health, academics, life, career and other personal development goals).

Unit of Academic Advising

The Unit of Academic Advising, which is part of the Office of Student Affairs, provides consulting, question-answering, and study-oriented services to assist students in successfully completing their training programs, obtaining certificates for English, and graduating on time.

Consulting services

1.The Unit of Academic Advising is responsible for:

– Consulting on training program structure, training regulations

– Consulting on examination and graduation

– Answering questions on academic policies and regulations.

2.The Unit of Academic Advising is responsible for consulting on learning orientation and learning goals:

–  Consulting on identifying quarter and annual learning goals.

–  Consulting on creating a study plan to achieve learning goals.

–  Evaluating and providing consultation on students’ performance after the end of each semester

3.The Unit of Academic Advising is responsible for consulting on course registration and timetable:

–  The Unit of Academic Advising is responsible for counseling students to choose appropriate subjects

–  The Unit of Academic Advising is responsible for consulting and orienting students to build a suitable study schedule

4.Responsible for monitoring and evaluating learning progress:

–  monitoring student learning progress.

– Issuing warnings and advising students who have difficulties in study.

5.Responsible for motivating students to participate in soft skills classes/workshops:

– Spotting limitations of students and recommending appropriate soft skills training classes/workshops

6.Responsible for communications between students’ families and EIU:

– Cooperating with families in orientation and reminding students’ learning.

Academic services:

The Unit of Academic Advising is responsible for providing consulting services, answers to questions, and advice on study orientation to support students successfully complete the training program, obtain certificates for English and graduate on time.


Room 101, Block 5, Eastern International University

Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province

Phone: +84 274 222 1186

Email: [email protected]