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Students are comprehensively supported during the study process through advising, Q&A and orientation sessions to help them  successfully complete the curriculum and English training in the time for their scheduled graduation.

Advising on academic-related matters:

 Advising on curriculum, program structure, academic regulations

 Examinations and graduations policies

 Academic regulations

Advising on study orientation and developing learning objectives:

 Learning objectives development for each quarter and each year

 Study plan development

 Student results evaluation at the the end of each quarter

Advising on course registration and timetable

 Course selection

 Timetable planning

Monitoring and evaluating study progress:

 Student progress monitoring

 Academic warning and support for students experiencing difficulties in their studies

Motivate students to take skills classes

Understanding student limitations and recommend appropriate soft skills training classes

Establishing communication channels between families parents and EIU

Coordinating with families in orientation, encouraging students to study

Contact an academic advisor:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0274 222 1186

Students are supported in basic services such as getting transcripts, student cards, student identification certificates (here).
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We always try to ensure, take care of students’ physical and mental health so that they can study at their best. EIU has a network of affiliated health systems or partner hospitals.

On-site healthcare

Students with health problems can receive immediate medical care or treatment at the EIU medical room. In addition, with the advantage of training in Nursing and a team of experienced lecturers at the Faculty of Nursing, we are ready to participate in health care and counseling activities for students right at the EIU.


Medical room – B11.105, Faculty of Engineering and IT building

Tel: 0274 222 1192

Email: [email protected]

Partner Hospitals

When students get  complex health problems that cannot be fully supported by the medical unit, we will assist to rapidly take them to our network of hospitals in our system, or other major hospitals depending on specific conditions.


Address: Lai Thieu Ward, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province

Tel: 0274 368 1681

Email: [email protected]

Website: bih.vn


Address: TC3, My Phuoc, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province

Tel: 0274 3535 777

Students will learn to develop additional skills necessary for their studies, answering questions, correcting errors, completing assignments and research projects through seminars and workshops. Students can actively suggest to the university the topics they wish to learn.