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The dormitory of Eastern International University (EIU Dormitory) is an integral part of the university’s training system. It is located in the Becamex Dinh Hoa Social Housing Area, Dinh Hoa Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province.

The dormitory is arranged into two areas:

+ Zone A for male students: Block A3.1, Block A3.2, Block A3.5, Block A3.6
+ Zone B for female students: Block B7.2, Block B7.3, Block B7.4, Block B7.5, Block B.8

With 704 rooms and 75 booths, the EIU Dormitory can accommodate more than 2000 students. Students have the option to choose single rooms or share a room with 2, 3, or 4 students. The dormitory fees range from 900.000 VND to 1.000.000 VND per room per month (depending on the location). The university charges fees based on the unit of a room. If there are two or more students in one room, each student is responsible for their portion of the dormitory fee. Each student residing in the dorm is provided with a bed, study table, personal wardrobe, and each room has its private bathroom. The bicycle parking service is free for students staying in the dormitory.

Note: The dormitory fee does not cover the costs of electricity, water, or internet usage. Students will pay based on their actual usage.

The facilities in the dormitory include various services on the ground floor for students to choose based on their needs, such as:

1. GS25 convenience store
2. Gym/Yoga room
3. Dining area
4. Basic household items and furniture
5. Café
6. Football field
7. Spa
8. Badminton court
9. Game room
10. Pharmacy
11. Laundry service
12. Aerobic room

Security: The dormitory has 24/7 on-site support personnel. A security team patrols each block within the dormitory area.

Fire safety: Fire prevention and firefighting are priorities at EIU’s dormitory. Regular fire safety training is conducted annually to enhance preparedness and ensure absolute safety for resident students.

Students have the option to choose between single rooms or double rooms accommodating 1-2 students (single room) and 3-4 students (double room).

The dormitory fee ranges from 900.000 VND to 1.000.000 VND per room per month (depending on the location).


Room type


Room price  

Number of Occupants


Room Description
Single room 900.000 – 1.000.000 VNĐ A maximum of 2 students Overview: Total area of 30m², equipped with a loft, private toilet, laundry area, and a kitchen sink.

Furnishing: Bunk bed, wardrobe, desk, chair.

Double room 1.800.000 – 2.000.000 VNĐ A maximum of 4 students Overview: Total area of 60m², equipped with a loft, 2 separate toilets, 2 laundry areas, and 2 kitchen sinks.

Furnishing: Bunk bed, wardrobe, desk, chair.

Note: Room prices will not cover electricity, water, and additional fees resulting from students’ usage in the dormitory.

Electricity price Water price
2.437vnđ/kwh 12.075 vnđ/m3

Currently, Vietnam Technology & Telecommunication Joint Stock Company (VNTT) is the Internet service supplier in Binh Duong New City. Students can contact the Dormitory Management Board for internet installation and other internet support.

Instructions for the Internet registration process:

+ After completing room check-in at the dormitory (with specific room numbers), students proceed with registering for the internet if they desire to use it.

Register directly at the Dormitory Management Board:

+ Registration process: Students provide their full name, dorm room number, phone number, and bring their original ID card for confirmation with the network service provider.

+ There are two internet packages available at the dormitory: A package for 180.000 VND and another for 230.000 VND. Students can choose the package that best suits their needs.

Initial fees when registering for the internet at the dormitory:

+ Besides the 300.000 VND installation fee, students need to pay an additional deposit of 2 months’ worth of internet usage fees based on the chosen package (The deposit will be refunded when students cancel the service and return the WiFi modem to the service provider).

+ Students can make payments via bank transfer to the VNTT Company. The bank account details are as follows:

BIDV, Bank account number 65010000163813, or payments can be made in person at their office located at No. 02, Tien Phong 3 Street, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province.

90mps 150mps
180.000 VND 230.000 VND

The Dormitory Management Board does not encourage room changes for students. Students should consider carefully before requesting a room change. If the reason for changing rooms is not significant, unnecessary, or unjustified, it’s advisable to limit such requests to avoid inconveniencing other students and affecting the dormitory management’s work. In unavoidable circumstances and genuine need for a room change, students should directly visit the Dormitory Management Board for consideration and resolution.

When living and studying at EIU in general and EIU’s dormitory specifically, students can utilize the bus service for transportation. The KAZE Shuttle Bus routes operated by Becamex Tokyu Bus Company bring a Japanese-styled bus service that adheres to five main criteria: punctuality, courteous service, cleanliness, safe operation, and accident prevention. These bus routes connect various areas, attractions, shopping venues, and services across Binh Duong province, ensuring safe and efficient student commutes.

Details about the bus stations and routes can be found here for students and parents to refer to:

What are students provided with in the dormitory?

+Sleeping equipment: Blanket, sheet, pillow, mattress, fan.

+Study area: Study lamp, desktop computer/laptop, alarm clock, desk supplies, safety power connection devices.

+Kitchen corner: Microwave oven, refrigerator, hanging hooks, basin, baskets, bowls, chopsticks, water jug, drinking glasses, dishwashing liquid, specialized utensils for eating and kitchen hygiene.

+Bathroom area: Water bucket, dipper, laundry basin, toothbrush, hanging hooks for clothes, towels, shampoo, soap, toothpaste + toothbrush, hairdryer…

+Room hygiene tools: Trash can, garbage bag, broom, mop bucket…

Are dogs or cats allowed in the dorm?

Students are not allowed to have dangerous pets like dogs, cats, except for ornamental fish.

Can students cook in the dormitory?

Students can cook using electric stoves, infrared cookers, not using hazardous fuel for cooking such as gas, alcohol, firewood. Especially, students cannot bring sharp objects, knives, firearms, explosives, banned substances, and other dangerous weapons into the dormitory area…

What are the hours for the dormitory’s bus service?

The dormitory bus operates from 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

Are family and friends allowed to visit?

Students are allowed to invite family and friends to visit their accommodation. When visiting, they need to report and register at the dormitory management office. Visitors will be issued a dormitory access pass with the dormitory seal by the management office to enter the student’s building. Students will be responsible for guiding visitors about the dormitory rules and ensuring compliance. In the event that the dormitory management office and security forces check and there is no access pass, the visitor will be asked to leave the building immediately.

Can students visit other students’ rooms?

Male or female students are not allowed to enter blocks designated for the opposite gender. Different gender students can only meet at the ground floor area, including the study area, entertainment area, and outdoor areas or other relaxation spots arranged around the dormitory premises.

If parents or students encounter any issues and require assistance, please contact the Office of Dormitory Management Board using the following details:

– Office hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

– Office phone number: (0274) 2222230

– Email: [email protected]