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Vision - Mission


Eastern International University is committed to providing high-quality experiential education, delivering excellent interdisciplinary research, and focusing on business and community engagement.


Eastern International University’s mission is to advance knowledge and serve the community.



We strive to promote a culture of excellence and innovation in all aspects of our work.


We are honest and behave ethically in all areas of our work and in our relationships with others.


We care about ourselves, the people around us and the wider community.


We work together in an open and collaborative way to accomplish our goals and ambitions.


We strive our utmost to make a real difference both to our academic community and the wider community in which we operate.


We aim to be socially responsible. What we do today can have immense value for a long time to come. Simply put, we care about our shared future.


Education and training activities at Eastern International University are aimed at developing graduates with:

  1. Sense of self-responsibility towards their family, community and country; sense of professional ethics. (Self-awareness and Professional Ethics).
  2. In-depth, practical and comprehensive knowledge and skills in their specialization; Basic knowledge of natural sciences, social sciences and politics. (Knowledge).
  3. Ability to communicate, collaborate in groups, use foreign languages effectively, integrate and adapt to career requirements in the context of globalization. (Communication and Integration).
  4. Critical thinking, innovation and creativity mindset, and problem-solving capability. (Critical Thinking and Problem Solving).
  5. Ability to self-study, self-research and apply science – technology in the digital age. (Lifelong Learning).
  6. Ability to organize, lead, improve the quality of work and the entrepreneurship spirit. (Leadership and Entrepreneurship).