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Welcome to EIU Alumni Association.

Whether you’ve graduated and left EIU, we’re here to support and follow your journey.

EIU Alumni Association was established with the purpose of connecting the University with alumni, contributing to promoting the good tradition of generations of students of the school and being the pride of being an EIU student. What’s more, you can get special privileges and benefits when you register as a member of EIU Alumni Association.

EIU Alumni Association Committee (term of 2019 – 2021): 15 members

President: Ms. Ly Thi Ngan Ha – Alumni of Course 1

Vice President: Mr. Nguyen Tien Phat – Alumni of Course 1

As a member of the EIU Alumni Association, you will own an EIU Alumni membership card and receive special offers from EIU and business partners outside the university.

Register for Alumni membership card now at:

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